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Add Value Now Not Later

Add Value NOW, Not Later:

We all do it… update and remodel our homes just before we sell. Feeling the pride and joy that comes along with fresh paint and beautiful enhancements, we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner! Don’t wait until it’s time to sell. Make small improvements now and benefit from your time and effort. Look for DIY ideas online that have a small investment with a big return.

Small Fixes that Add Value & Won’t Break the Bank:

  • Add curb appeal – Add a mulched bed for planting perennials and/or a few shrubs. Planting a tree will also benefit the environment, too. Replace an outdated mailbox, front light and/or address plaque.
  • Update your lighting – Brighten up dark spaces and replace damaged, distracting or outdated light fixtures.  Replace tacky, low-hanging chandeliers in your dining room; look for a simple pendant lamp or try a DIY project.
  • Dress your house – Look for small fixes that you can enjoy now, like a new set of towels, new shower curtain or bedspread. New window treatments can change the entire feel of a room.
  • Spice up your kitchen – Replace knobs and handles and/or light switch covers. Locate bright colored storage containers and accessories to liven up a dull space. Consider replacing old appliances.
  • Buff up the bathroom – Add a new toilet seat or install a new vinyl floor right over the old one. Lose that Hollywood-dressing-room style lighting.

If you have the resources for bigger fixes, consider doing them now. Look below for a value vs cost analysis of a few remodeling projects.

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