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A Few Great Seattle Parks You Might Not Know About

Seattle is home to many amazing parks and the big ones, such as Volunteer Park, Discovery Park, and Carkeek Park seems to get most of the praise. However, there are several lesser-known parks that provide plenty of things to do and beauty to enjoy.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation actually maintain more than 400 parks and green spaces throughout the city. Choosing to check out every single one may seem like a large task, but it will help you to discover some of the hidden gems you may not be aware of. Here are some of the top lesser-known parks you can enjoy in Seattle.

Sunset Place Park

While this park only offers a few benches to sit on, it has an amazing view you can enjoy. IT’s a relaxing spot with a great view of Ballard and so much more.

Mayfair Park

Mayfair Park

This used to be the sight of Killman’s Sand Bunkers, but it’s now a park with a flat ravine bottom. Parents love this park because the play area offers something the kids will love.

Thomas C. Wales Park

A great choice for those looking to enjoy a bit of art, the Thomas C. Wales Park covers about 1.3 acres of space. It includes a gravel hoop and plenty of art to enjoy.

Rainbow Point

If you want to enjoy the downtown views, Rainbow Point may be the right place for you. This park is lighted and provides plenty of trees, shrubs and small lawns throughout.

Soundview Terrace/Rachel’s Playground

A smaller neighborhood park, this spot offers slides, climbing equipment, picnic tables and more. You can enjoy views of Magnolia and Cascades from the Soundview Terrace and the kids will love Rachel’s Playground. This is also a good spot for a picnic with views of the Puget Sound.

Frink Park

Frink Park

It’s known as a natural woods drive, but the park offers plenty of beauty to discover, as well. The 3,000 feet of trails makes it a good place to go for a hike or a walk and it connects to Leschi Park as well. You can enjoy plenty of beauty throughout this park as you meander and relax.

Meadowbrook Pond

While it’s not technically a park, it’s one of the most amazing places to visit in Seattle. It’s next to the Meadowbrook Park and provides plenty of beauty to explore.

Northlake Park

While the park isn’t easy to find, it’s a great spot to enjoy the boats in Lake Union. It’s actually under the I-5 overpass and provides a great place to relax.

A few other good choices for lesser-known parks in Seattle include:

  • Bradner Gardens Park
  • Me-Kwa-Mooks Park
  • Hitt’s Hill Park
  • Jack Block Park
  • Lowman Beach Park

When you want to enjoy some time outside, you don’t have to stick to the big, crowded and popular parks. You can find a peaceful place to relax and enjoy some excellent views from one of these lesser-known parks in Seattle.

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