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Top 3 Tips for Selling a Fixer-Upper in Seattle

Maybe your home isn’t perfect. Maybe it could use a bit of work, but you don’t really want to put the time, money or effort into it. Instead, you’d like to sell your home in the current condition, if possible.

There are a few good strategies you can use to get your fixer-upper sold in Seattle. Here are three excellent tips to get you started.

Be Honest

You know your home has flaws and needs some work and you need to let all potential buyers know this, too. Those seeking a fixer-upper won’t mind the flaws so much, but if you lie to them and they find out, the deal will likely fall apart. If the home has a major issue, make sure it’s disclosed or you’ll be doing the buyer and yourself a huge disservice.

Make Your Home Welcoming


Just because the home is a fixer-upper doesn’t mean you can’t make it welcoming. Taking care of specific tasks to make it seem welcoming can go a long way in getting your home sold. Some of the things you should do include:

  • Have the home professionally cleaned
  • Mow the lawn
  • Weed the Garden
  • Put toys for children and pets away
  • Get rid of any pet odors
  • Clean out any clutter

A clean home will present better than a dirty one and even with a fixer-upper, you want to make the home look and smell good.

Price the Home Appropriately

Since it’s a fixer-upper, you need to price the home lower than you would if it was a move-in ready home. Renovations are costly and buyers will be looking for a deal if they are buying a fixer-upper. They will all be trying to figure out how much room is left in the potential value of the home for renovations.

When you decide to sell your home and you know it’s a fixer-upper, you may need help. Hiring a skilled Seattle real estate agent can go a very long way to getting the property sold. They will know buyers looking for a home they can fix up and know how to present the home in the best light, even though it needs some work.

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