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Top 7 Reasons to Consider Moving to the Seattle Waterfront

There are several wonderful reasons to move to Seattle and the list gets even longer if you want to move to the waterfront. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vacation home or a permanent residence, the Seattle waterfront is a great choice. Here are seven of the top reasons to consider living on the water in Seattle.

Growing Economy

Seattle Waterfront

Business is booming in Seattle with both small businesses and larger corporations coming into the city and prospering. Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and many others have made Seattle home and there are several jobs to go with these large companies.

Seattle is Eco-Friendly

Seattle is known as one of the most environmentally friendly areas in the country. Many of the residents ride bikes to work and school and a waterfront property allows you to join this crowd. You can become someone that helps the environment and stays active with a Seattle waterfront property.

Incredible Bodies of Water

You don’t have to just live on the ocean to live waterfront in Seattle. You can choose to live on one of the amazing lakes, the Puget Sound, one of the rivers or on the ocean. The water is something you may just fall in love with quickly.

Plenty of Water Activities

Moving to the Seattle Waterfront

Living on the water in Seattle also means you get to enjoy activities, such as boating, fishing, and swimming. If you love to be in or on the water, waterfront living just fits.

Plenty of Great Sports

Seattle is also home to several excellent sports teams with the Mariners and Seahawks as a part of the city. Along with professional sports, there are several amateur options for those looking to get involved.

A few other reasons to consider living on the waterfront in Seattle include:

  • Four Seasons to Enjoy
  • A Booming Music Scene
  • Plenty of Famous Landmarks

Seattle is filled with culture, plenty of things to do and the economy is booming. If you choose to live on the waterfront in Seattle, you’ll get to enjoy the city, the water and so much more.

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