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Top Seattle Home Buying Red Flags

It’s time to start searching for a new home and you’re excited. However, your excitement could be killed if you end up buying a home with issues.

When you start looking for a home in Seattle, the first thing you should do is hire a real estate agent. With a local agent helping you, it becomes much easier to ensure you’re getting the right home for you and getting the right deal. In addition, you should keep these top Seattle home buying red flags in the back of your mind as you go through the home search process.

Water Damage

Water Damage

This is a huge one as water is the mortal enemy of homes everywhere. Seattle is by the water and gets plenty of rain, so water damage is rather common. As you search for the right home, pay attention to discoloration on the ceiling, near the floor or even by the foundation. Any signs of water damage need to be fully investigated before you purchase the home.

Water damage may be a sign of roof damage, an issue with a major system, poor maintenance or another major problem. It may also be a sign of something worse, which is found in the walls or below the floors. Be very careful if you decide to buy a home with water damage.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof could be a sign of a structural issue, which could cost a large sum of cash to get fixed. Even a roof replacement could run as much as $10K. If the roof is sagging, dirty or moldy, make sure you have it fully inspected before you even consider buying the property.

Cracked Foundation

cracked foundation

Another huge red flag in Seattle for home buyers is a created foundation. Sometimes, this happens as a home settles, but not all foundation cracks are natural. Some could cause major issues and these are very expensive things to repair. Make sure you gain additional information if a cracked foundation is found during the home inspection.

When you want to buy a home in Seattle, you need to be careful. Look for these red flags and make sure you hire a skilled Realtor to assist you during the process.

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