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Top Things to Consider Before Taking on a Landscaping Project

You know your yard needs some work, but you’re not really sure where to start. Maybe it looks like it could be hiding a car under the brush because it hasn’t been taken care of or maybe you just want to spruce it up some. Did you know that professional landscaping can help you sell your Seattle home for 15% higher?

Before you go out and hire a landscaper, there are some things to consider.

What’s Your Land Layout?

Lanscaping Project

The layout of your land will make a big difference when it comes to doing the landscaping. While Seattle isn’t as hilly as a city like San Francisco, it’s also not flat. If you want to add features, such as a fence or retaining wall, you need to consider the layout of the land. Hillside landscaping can be rather tricky and not something an amateur should attempt.

Will You Be Outside Often?

If you plan to be outside as much as possible, making your backyard feel like an extension of your home is a great idea. It should feel like an oasis you can escape to and enjoy. Make sure you consider what you will use the space for, such as entertaining, relaxing, playing with the children or for pets.

How Old and Large is Your Home?

Another thing to consider before taking on a landscaping project is the size of the home and the age of the home. You want the landscaping to match the property and there may be some restrictions with the type of equipment you can get into the space.

Landscaping is Hard Work


If you plan on doing the landscaping yourself, understand, it’s hard work. You may see all the perfect pictures on Pinterest and think you can pull it off, but it’s harder than you might think. Before taking on the project on your own, consider the work and time you will have to put in.

Doing your own landscaping can provide a sense of pride, but it may not be for you. Landscaping is a great thing to do before selling a property or just to make your home feel more like home. Before you take it on yourself, consider these four things.

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