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What to Know about Seattle Waterfront Home Maintenance

Seattle offers several great waterfront homes, but these homes come with specific maintenance you must be aware of. Living on the water offers great benefits, such as amazing views and very easy access to plenty of water activities. However, you will need to make sure you take care of things in a bit of a different manner with a waterfront home compared to an inland home.

Seattle Waterfront Home Maintenance

You may be prepared for a storm event, but what about the day-to-day maintenance of your waterfront property? Do you know how to take proper care of it? Here are some tips to help you with Seattle waterfront home maintenance.

Watch for Pests

With any home, you must be aware of pests getting into your home. The smallest holes offer access to mice, squirrels, water ants and other pests. It may be best to make sure you have a professional company providing yearly preventative steps to keep the pests out of your home.

Corrosion is Possible


When you live near salt water, corrosion is something you have to be aware of. Anything metal could be at risk including patio furniture and other things you keep outside. It’s best to cover your patio furniture in the off-season or store it inside. Before you put it away or cover it, make sure you power wash the furniture to remove any dirt and grime.

Another thing many waterfront property owners tend to forget about is their door locks. These are made of metal and they can slowly rust if you don’t take care of them. Make sure to keep them oiled and replace them every few years.

Humidity can be Deadly

The closer you are to the water, the higher the humidity level, which means you could end up with peeling paint, mildew or mold. It’s best to add dehumidifiers to your home and monitor the humidity level as moisture can be deadly if it turns into black mold.

As a waterfront property owner, there are things you must take care of with your home. These are just a few of the main tips for better Seattle waterfront home maintenance. Make sure you take care of your property so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

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