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DIY: Garden Pest Control

Garden pest control doesn’t have to be costly, nor dangerous for your children or pets. So, here are some of the best tips to rid your garden of unwanted pests. Bonus: All of these ideas are environmentally friendly solutions. Keep in mind that many insects are beneficial to your garden, like ladybugs, hover-flies, and praying mantis. They prey on harmful insects or their larvae. However, the pesky ones can destroy your crops.

organic pest control

Common Problems:

  • Aphids: Plant sweet alyssum and other flowers to attract hoverflies, which eat aphids.
  • Critters Digging Up Bulbs: Chile powder keeps the squirrels, moles, mice and other small critters from digging up bulbs. When planting bulbs, sprinkle a bit of chile powder around and on top of the bulb and continue planting.
  • Fungus: Spray a solution of half skim milk and half water on the foliage of roses. This forms a thin film over the leaves and prevents black spot and mildew from growing. Spray for black spot in the morning, so the sunshine will fully dry the leaves. For fungus diseases, some gardeners say to mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of water in a spray bottle . Spray affected areas. Repeat every few days until the problem goes away.
  • Rabbits: Keep them out of your garden with a small-meshed fence that extends 1 foot underground.
  • Slugs: Put a bit of beer in a shallow container. Slugs get in but they can’t get out. According to “Mother Earth News” this method had an 80% success rate amoung gardeners surveyed. You might have to take measures to keep your pets out of the beer.
  • Worms: Sprinkle self-rising flour on leaves. The worms eat the flour and explode when the sun comes out. It’s best to apply the flour to your plants in the early morning, when the worms are most active.

Do you have other environmentally friendly, DIY ideas to share? Please share in the comment section below.

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